Bhartiya Media

Democracy’ a system of governance by the people , to the people and for the people . Whenever there is a talk about freedom and democracy a country name ‘ Bharat ‘ comes in everyone’s mind , which has a vast written constitution and largest democracy in the world . Democracy is stand on basically three pillars Legislative , Executive and Judiciary. But as it is known that there is a fourth pillar – Media . Media is for providing informations with facts what is happening around us and to inform how other three pillars of democracy are working.

Here , we are talking about Bhartiya Media , if you look at news anchors they behave like psycho . They call some people who are funny enough to entertain public . Have you ever thought they have degree of journalism from renowned Universities then why are they doing so ? Actually there are many serious issues you must have to look. Suppose you have to select a product and the ratings and reviews are of the company which makes that product, can you get an unbiased review?

The same happens in our system . When you have to vote for a party or a candidate in an election . Today a candidate need not to come in public to tell what he or his party did in past five years tenure he acquires media for this . And if media will be biased then from where will you get a right information? If you notice Bhartiya Media it is only of two types , first one is acquired by ruling party and second one is acquired by opposition.

There is only one question if there is everything is right with Bhartiya Media then why it lies 142nd in the table of world press freedom index published by RSF. There are six parameters of this report- pluralism , media independence, media environment and self – censorship, legislative framework , transparency and quality of infrastructure. Do you find any parameters that is not supportive in country like Bharat? Kashmir reporting may be reason but not only reason .Then what is the reason for this ? Watchdog report says , India ‘ no longer a free country ‘. India’s rank fell from 83 to 88 out of 211 counties list.

Is it fair to run weddings planning and love affairs of celebrities in news channels and no attention to massive unemployment , hunger and poverty of country ? In fact, 47 percent children are malnourished , 3 lakhs farmers suicide . Bharat is youngest population country and according to CMIE data only 37% youths are employed between age group of 20-24 and this will lead to dangerous consequences. In this country a student spend his 4 years and then apply for Group D exams , do you find any requirement of knowledge in Group D posts ? If you are thinking that he might be poor in study then tell tell me how he get graduation degree from renowned college, disgusting. Nowadays 90 percent in marksheet is common in Board exams but what will he do after this no one knows. Vacancies for government services are decreasing gradually , some of them get canceled after years .

There was a time when social media spread rumors and mainstream media clear it and now things are reversed , mainstream media spread rumors like aliens , worldwar III , Hindu Muslims etc. If you notice debates ( not discussion) in news channels some particular jokers ( scholars in opinion of news anchors) who have no sense of humor not even a proper way to represent themselves , they only talk about some specific topics.

Topics that were discussed in a month.

” Democrats don’t matter, the real opposition is media. And the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with shit. ” — Steve Bannon

I feel regret to say that our media is no more fourth pillar of democracy and and gradually becoming a entertainment center having not a proper knowledge of anything. “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind ” –Jim Morrison.


Life is a mare of emotions , every second of your life is at stake . You can’t predict what next will be in our life . We make plans , we do promise to ourselves for better but within a few days we forget it . Somedays we find ourselves at acme but next days we are at depth of sorrow . Now the question is , how can be impartial to our fragile emotions?

MS Dhoni hits sixes even after he has missed many past balls and when he hits into the stands neither the pressure those missed balls nor the din of stadium can distract him . And this ‘ attitude ‘ made him top class batsman . What ever happens take responsibility of that and you dare it you will take a step of fearless

Having emotions it is not a bad thing it is one of best gift who made us but it get worse when overthinking or being too emotional for the things which have had happened . We must have a strong attitude to counter fragile emotions. But it is not as simple as we say , we have to do a lot of practice on it and it starts with small things to get control over them .

Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character. —– Albert Einstein.

There are three warriors of your life which can help to reach at your destination and these are Alertness ‘ , ‘ Patience ‘ and ‘ Smile ‘ .


It starts from developing intrest on something . Having interest , one can spend time in his job . You talk to beloved hours and hours with being tired the reason is you have intrest on her/ him . Train your mind to capture everything which is useful. Learn not only from your own mistakes from others also.


If you have remember the last ball of India vs Bangladesh , 2016 cricket match it was a victory of patience and who knows it better than MSD . Having patience is not just only being positive it is also about practice of waiting, watching and knowing when to act .

Leaning patience can be difficult experience, but once conquered you will find life easier.


It is lifeline when all doors are locked and has power to give strength and confidence even you are at bed of thorns.  It is boon to mankind , a priceless ornament and a free therapy . 
If you have a negative attitude and believe yourself to be unworthy or a failure, you will subconsciously engage in behavior that will reconfirm this belief you have of yourself.

Our identity : Hindi?

Today , if someone observes the earth he will find there is a country name Bharat which is completely involved to learn English by all her heart and soul.Actually in Bharat if you want social status you must have upper caste, government employee or excellent in English. A middle class parents always cogitate that their child talks in English that’s why when relatives come home and child chatter a English poem they amused. Most people understand Hindi speech but they keen about English speech whether they understand or not and this also happens in Hindi Diwas.

We are living in a country where there are thousands schools that take fine for confabulate in Hindi and this happened with me. A student learn English from nursery but still gets rejection in job interview because of English, how he will good in English if it’s not his mother tongue and I want to tell them who think that they are good in English that only 2% Indians speak proper English one of them might be people like Shashi Tharoor sir .

Actually, Indians are great learner but the problem comes when enforce something without any calculation. And this happened with Bharat when it became india, in 1835 when Lord Macaulay who is known as father of English in India was came in India and after long assay he said “if Britishers want to establish themselves they must cut root of Indian identity” and then they opened English schools.

Having 53% Hindi speaking people and with 22 official languages ,how has English taken a mammoth role in country ?The answer is it is becoming true what Britishers planned for us, today judgement criteria of personality is fair skin , economic status and English speaking skills.

English is not the problem no doubt it is graceful in its own ,the problem is when it becomes a personality judgement criteria. We are known not only for our culture but also for our beautiful language Hindi. Just write your name in your mother tongue and you will get pleasure .

Top three economy follow their mother tongue.You must have identity of you culture and language. In America when Italian immigrant resorted American government instructed them for doing American breakfast and in American style.

But it is also well known that Bharat is known for her unity in diversity and this is also true for language . Southern states like Tamil Nadu are in no mood to accept three language policy they are in favour of two language policy , one is their mother tongue and second one is English , actually they wants to follow Singapore language model and want that there should be English as main language and others as linking language.

This issue is not going to end soon but one thing should be clear that no matter how much languages we know the real language our mother tongue is what in which we live our dreams and abuse frequently .

Casteism in Bharat

Think the situation where you are not allowed to touch others, neither you can sit with them nor stand for your rights because of your low caste status or on the basis of your labour like swiping, garbage collection etc.

Untouchability is a evil in modern society and one of the major obstacles in progress of Bharat because a country runs not only by it’s economy but also it’s moral values of society and social practices. Untouchability is less in urban but in rural areas it is dominant. It is true that well economic status and high education can beat off this discrimination but this class is neither much educated nor rich.

Firstly we must probe its roots. It came from misinterpretation of classification of Vedas. There are two terms first is ‘varna’ and second one is ‘jati’ (caste) . One must understand that varna is not jati . Varna is division of labour and Jati is blood relation. According to varna division there are four class of people according to their profession – Brahmin , Kshatriya , Vaisya and Sudra .

Varna division according to one’s profession .

That’s why the writer of The Ramayana , Maharishi Valmiki was a sudra by cast and brahmin by his profession.

But later this varna division  turned into discrimination by birth, when Brahmins saw their next generation are not much inteligent they used caste division rather than Varna division and made themselves supirior to take social respect.

Britishers divided us it is partially true but the whole reality is we were divided by cast and religion and they used us. Because if you look at 16 AD when when Akbar opened Ibadat khana for every religion this praposal not only rejected by Hindus but also Muslims left Ibadat khana after this. Every invader used backwards against the Indian rulers and same Britishers did.

Today people call themselves Kshatriya or Brahman but they have not a single such a quality of being kshatriya or Brahman. There are also many sub divisions like Tiwari, Jaiswal, Chauhan and Rathor etc .

To counter this social tench there is provision of caste reservation in part XVI of Indian constitution. Many construe that caste reservation is abolishment of article 16 A (right to equality) .But one should understand that absence of equal opportunities for backward classes due to historic injustice by virtue of birth entails them reservation. Article 16 (2) and 16(4) are complementary to each other even article 16 (A) is not special provision. But the question rises that are backward classes really getting benifit of reservation as much they deserve ?

You can’t ignore dark face of caste reservation because it is true that a low caste person having enough economic wealth also enjoying cast reservation . Reservation is not bad but implementation of caste reservation is under question mark. One thing that should be appreciated that government accommodated the low income general class by giving 10% reservation. Reservation should be on the basis of income and merit otherwise it will take another form of discrimination.

A people and their religion must be judged by social standards based on social ethics. No other standard would have any meaning if religion is held to necessary good for the well being of the people. —– B.R. Ambedkar

In our constitution there are many laws regarding caste and religion but none can change one’s rasist mind forcefully. Having largest democracy with such a narrow mindset will not lead us long.


In Bharat , it is said that woman is ‘Sakti Swarupa’ but what actually happens is darn. Behind suicide of a lower middle class the reasons are not only the registered factors but also some cryptical reasons and one of them is dowry.

A father always peruse more about dowry than daughter’s wedding. Behind his grin there are many cryptical injuries. When a farmer looks at his fecund field a hope built for his teenaged daughter and when a natural disaster ruins grains it also ruins a family’s dream and this becomes a reason for suicide .

When a family gives her graceful girl it expects her splendid future but she gets a harassment environment which later becomes a homicide . According to Indian national crime bureau annually 40-50% dowry death cases are recorded only in India . It means in every 90min a bride died because of dowry harrasment. Government of India made prohibition act 1961 which strengthen 498A , but like other cases it also has questioned and many times it’s misuses also have been seen

If we look at ‘Hammurabi code’ we get a different sense of dowry , in it a dowry was a gift to a bride by her family as a finance support if her husband died she could use use it for herself and her children and if bride died it would return to her family. But it had gone terrible with time and it still continues.

Today there is a rate list of every groom and it is also a reason of arrange marriage , isn’t so? Dowry is looked as social respect and in our free time people discuss the rate list of their child , isn’t a reason for female foeticide ? In India there are 46 million more males over females .

Gandhi ji said, “Any young man , who makes dowry a condition to marriage , discredits his education and his country and dishonours womanhood.”

In this modern world it must be understood that woman is not for tie in kitchen .

Unfair Bharat

Bharat, country of one billion people known for her ‘unity in diversity’ and has many great minds. But it has many galls from centuries one of them is discrimination for skin colour. Imagine the situation where you know you will never be most loving child of your parents because of your unfair skin no matter how talented you are and how successful you will.

Bharat is a country where ninety percent brown skin people but still discrimination is here for brown skin, a brown skin man critises other brown skin man for having brown skin , audibly it may seems quite funny but it gall for our society . Today even people accept it that being fair is exigent for social respect . In a survey there were more than 70% people who used the term’fair’in their definition of beauty , 77% men and more than 63% women want a fair skin life partner . Today if you open metrimonial page of a newspaper you get in the newspaper is full with the term ‘fair’ to difine beauty . And this creates a giant market for cosmetic products companies in India . The advertisements of cosmetic products show that if you want success in your life you must have fair skin and it get more lewd when we see renowned faces in these advertisements.

It is tragic that a talented guy rarely gets recall after private job interview no matter how talented he is because next candidate has quite fair skin . A black guy rarely get a love proposal but sometimes he gets punch at face by his crush.

For all this there are also many historical reasons like Mugals , Britishers and pre Aryans from central Asia but if we look at the Mahabharata and the Ramayana we find Shri Krishna and Shri Ram were of black skin , Dropati was also a beautiful black lady .

But consuring history is not solution we have to look for permanent solution and this will starts from our home , school but firstly from our brain.