In Bharat , it is said that woman is ‘Sakti Swarupa’ but what actually happens is darn. Behind suicide of a lower middle class the reasons are not only the registered factors but also some cryptical reasons and one of them is dowry.

A father always peruse more about dowry than daughter’s wedding. Behind his grin there are many cryptical injuries. When a farmer looks at his fecund field a hope built for his teenaged daughter and when a natural disaster ruins grains it also ruins a family’s dream and this becomes a reason for suicide .

When a family gives her graceful girl it expects her splendid future but she gets a harassment environment which later becomes a homicide . According to Indian national crime bureau annually 40-50% dowry death cases are recorded only in India . It means in every 90min a bride died because of dowry harrasment. Government of India made prohibition act 1961 which strengthen 498A , but like other cases it also has questioned and many times it’s misuses also have been seen

If we look at ‘Hammurabi code’ we get a different sense of dowry , in it a dowry was a gift to a bride by her family as a finance support if her husband died she could use use it for herself and her children and if bride died it would return to her family. But it had gone terrible with time and it still continues.

Today there is a rate list of every groom and it is also a reason of arrange marriage , isn’t so? Dowry is looked as social respect and in our free time people discuss the rate list of their child , isn’t a reason for female foeticide ? In India there are 46 million more males over females .

Gandhi ji said, “Any young man , who makes dowry a condition to marriage , discredits his education and his country and dishonours womanhood.”

In this modern world it must be understood that woman is not for tie in kitchen .

Unfair Bharat

Bharat, country of one billion people known for her ‘unity in diversity’ and has many great minds. But it has many galls from centuries one of them is discrimination for skin colour. Imagine the situation where you know you will never be most loving child of your parents because of your unfair skin no matter how talented you are and how successful you will.

Bharat is a country where ninety percent brown skin people but still discrimination is here for brown skin, a brown skin man critises other brown skin man for having brown skin , audibly it may seems quite funny but it gall for our society . Today even people accept it that being fair is exigent for social respect . In a survey there were more than 70% people who used the term’fair’in their definition of beauty , 77% men and more than 63% women want a fair skin life partner . Today if you open metrimonial page of a newspaper you get in the newspaper is full with the term ‘fair’ to difine beauty . And this creates a giant market for cosmetic products companies in India . The advertisements of cosmetic products show that if you want success in your life you must have fair skin and it get more lewd when we see renowned faces in these advertisements.

It is tragic that a talented guy rarely gets recall after private job interview no matter how talented he is because next candidate has quite fair skin . A black guy rarely get a love proposal but sometimes he gets punch at face by his crush.

For all this there are also many historical reasons like Mugals , Britishers and pre Aryans from central Asia but if we look at the Mahabharata and the Ramayana we find Shri Krishna and Shri Ram were of black skin , Dropati was also a beautiful black lady .

But consuring history is not solution we have to look for permanent solution and this will starts from our home , school but firstly from our brain.